About Us

Our philosophy at Nurose Aesthetics is to treat our clients with the care and attention we would want to be treated with ourselves.

Ageing gracefully is not just about freezing muscles and plumping lines. Ageing is a privilege that should not be treated with disdain. However, there are certain aspects of ageing that we can slow, soften or prevent through good aesthetic treatments, a consistent skin care routine and lifestyle changes.

We take great pride working with clients to achieve the best version of themselves. With a constant need to keep learning and advancing, it ensures we are offering the highest quality of work and achieving outstanding results every time.

Hi, I’m Róisín

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2008 and undertook international training as a Cosmetic Injector at the start of 2019.

I am dedicated to giving my clients natural looking enhancements that make them not just look amazing but also feel it too.

I specialise in dermal filler enhancements and antiageing treatments.

I love treatments that restore lost volume and encourage collagen growth to firm and tighten the skin up.

Prevention is better than cure and although it is a privilege to grow old, there’s nothing wrong with slowing down the process along the way.

What we Offer

The care you deserve

We are dedicated to giving you our full care and attention each and every visit. You can relax knowing you will see the same Nurse at each appointment and know that all your previous treatments are saved in detail, allowing us to provide consistent results every time.

Results Oriented

Your results are our reputation and if we feel that a treatment won’t align with your expectations we will discuss it with you and give alternate options.

Attention to details

It’s the finer details that make each treatment perfect. Our constant training and growth ensure that we are delivering high quality results based on the most current and best available evidence.